Welcome to Spectre`s Intel Repository

The purpose of this site is to shed light on the activities of various governments around the world and to spread little-known knowledge(including the importance of privacy). Besides sensitive\confidential documents you can also find private databases and useful information\guides on this site. I will try to update this site regularly by adding new stuff.

If you want to contact me for any reason(like for renting adspace, for submitting intel etc) then email me(hop over to the "Contact me" section for my email address).

Official link of the Intel Repository:


Spectre`s online intelligence services:

I provide the following services in return for a fair price:
1.Collecting info about a specific individual or company.
2.Providing info about anything related to the Darkweb and the legitimate services you can find on it.
3.Keeping an eye out for any sensitive intel that surfaces on the web and reporting it to you.
Contact me at spectre05@secmail.pro to discuss the details of the service you desire.